Sound Massage

A recent addition to the range of therapies available at the clinic, Sound Massage is a profound energy treatment which aims to relax and balance the mind and body.

It is thought stress and emotions that we are unable to process are stored within us, upsetting our natural rhythm and resulting in blockages and disharmony. The energetic vibrations of the Himalayan singing bowls create a sympathetic resonance within the tissues and cells, releasing the disharmonic patterns and returning the tissues to a more balanced state.

The treatment begins with a short consultation to discuss your current health and treatment expectations. After slipping off your shoes, you will be made comfortable on the mat, with cushions and blankets – it is not necessary to remove any clothing for this treatment. After waiting a few moments for you to close your eyes and relax, the Himalayan singing bowls and other instruments are played softly around you.

The treatment then progresses to use one of the singing bowls on your body, gently placing and ringing it to help re establish balance, relaxation and harmony. The bowl is played on both the front and back of the body as part of a 60 minute treatment.

Following the treatment, you are encouraged to rest and relax for a few minutes, before being offered refreshments.

In addition to receiving a Sound Massage, you may also like to try a Sound Bath - these are group events, usually held at a local venue.

Bring along a mat, blankets, pillows - anything to make yourself comfortable; and relax while singing bowls, drums and other instruments are used to create a gentle sound experience. The Sound bath is approximately an hour long, after which you will be offered light refreshments. Details of any upcoming Soundbaths can be found on the clinic Facebook page at Almond Tree Clinic, or by contacting the clinic on 07852929532.

Sound Massage
£35 for a 60 minute treatment.

How To Book

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