Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a relaxing treatment, combining energy work with the natural properties of different crystals.

The treatment begins with a short consultation to discuss your current health and treatment expectations. After slipping off your shoes, you will then be made comfortable on the couch, with cushions and blankets – it is not necessary to remove any clothing for this treatment. You may like to close your eyes, softly focus on your breathing and relax while the crystal healing treatment flows along.

The crystals used during the treatment are selected from a wide range to gently support your treatment needs on each level – body, mind and spirit. These are placed on the front of your body, usually on the areas associated with each of the chakras, or energy centres. The natural energetic frequency of each crystal is thought to influence your own energy – subtly affecting any imbalances and slowly harmonising each chakra. The effects of the crystals are supported and enhanced with the use of Reiki - a gentle, natural healing therapy which aims to restore and rebalance the energy within the body. During the treatment, I may softly place my hands on or above the crystals in order to support their energetic influence with the flow of Reiki.

The treatment takes around 60 minutes, after which time the crystals are slowly removed and you are encouraged to rest and relax, before being offered refreshments.

If helpful, you may be given a few small crystals before you leave, together with advice on how to use these to support and further progress the work we have begun in the clinic.

Crystal Healing Treatment Option
£35 for a 60 minute treatment.

How To Book

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